Montenapoleone 8

Cova’s colourful history is entwined with the long history of Milan and its most iconic places and monuments. Originally built near La Scala, in 1950, Cova moved to Via Montenapoleone 8, where the prestigious street intersects with Via Sant’Andrea, another fashionable road at the heart of the city. These are the venues that made Milan the queen of style, giving life to the famous Fashion District. Here, where luxury meets design and craftsmanship meets the quest for beauty, Cova has been the most coveted locale for a most exquisite, stylish crowd.

Pasticceria Cova Milano - Via Montenapoleone 8

A modern restyling of Cova’s signature original furnishings creates a unique combination of charm and hospitality. Today, as then, guests are greeted by an impressive, inviting bar counter, crystal chandeliers and a marble multi-coloured floor. Diners may drink Cova’s famed coffee in a white porcelain cups, bearing the gold effigy of the brand, or find delight in a delicious cake from the pastry counter, whilst the tea room offers a space of relaxation and comfort, with velvet-covered banquette seating, damask table linens in warm signature yellows and graceful aura of exclusive privacy.

The ambience of Cova is synonymous with elegant taste and a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.  Situated in an elegant location, it offers an impeccable service that pays special attention to guests, the sought-after essence of tradition blends with elegant, contemporary touches in a relaxing environment. Pleasant background music cradles the desire to taste exclusive creations whilst service details make the difference with an attentiveness, professionalism and ultimate artisanal craftsmanship accompany the delectable treasures served to every guest.

ATMOSPHERE Pasticceria Cova Milano - Via Montenapoleone 8